I have no shame

People tend to jokingly comment on the lack of shame I have in life and deep down I see their point. I'm open and honest and share things which people tend to think and feel, yet keep to themselves. However, I don't believe that I don't have any shame, especially in regards to these taboo subjects which thy should not discuss else thy will burn for all eternity. For example my Pepsi-nose or personal hygiene predicament are problems in which many travelers may face/try to avoid and some may Read more [...]

Thank the Lord for menstruation.

Okay, so It's come to my attention that for the next 3-5 days it will be difficult and near impossible for me to change my clothes without either leaving my luggage unattended (big no no) or falling through the toilet of a train (bearing in mind that it's just a large deep hole in the ground of the carriage where the gravel floor is visible) or placing my feet in urine (which is surprising given how large the toilet hole is. But I suppose squatting or aiming can be a difficult task for some?). No Read more [...]

Massive Hypocrite.

Just days before I man informed me that I should just go to Mumbai and get a train up North from there. I should be able to get one easily. The travel agents thought otherwise as they were unable to find an available ticket for me. Though this man was determined that I would be able to. I remember telling him strictly that I was not to go to Mumbai in just hope that I will end up with a ticket, else I'll still be stuck, just somewhere less beautiful. Pointless! Now, I have decided to get a train Read more [...]

Pineapple Mad

In Pondy, I popped into a dinghy little fruit juice stall. They made literally any fresh fruit juice of your choice, directly in front of you and for more than a decent price. It may have been the sweet little old man slicing the fruit which made me decide to choose his juice rather than all of the other more elaborate competition which surrounded him. This man had the sweetest heart, and you could tell just from his smile and eyes. From then on, he was my fruit juice man. I returned to his stall Read more [...]

The awkward moment when you travel India via train and you end up in France?

Okay, so it turns out that I am actually still in India. It's just this amazing place, Puducherry. After having actually circled the small town again and again, I've simply fallen in love. Real love. Like deeper love than Cinderella ever had for her prince. The French feel which fills the air makes the place seem so much more friendly and romantic. I just wanted to collect flowers and skip everywhere shouting 'Bonjour' to everyone I saw. With a new 'Learn French' book which I acquired from 'The Read more [...]

Alone and depressed? I wish!

I just don't seem to get down about being alone and I really thought I would. I'm not too sure why this bothers me. I just assumed I might end up getting bored and tired of my own company. I suppose it's a good thing though. It's much better to be happy in any given situation than having to NEED the company of others or NEED to have a connection with those from home. I have found that I much rather staying in accommodation which DOESN'T have Internet as I hate the feeling of still being Read more [...]

Alone in Pondy

With my unreserved train ticket to Pondy (Puducherry/Pondicherry) I managed to steal a sleeper. Being officially alone again meant that I had to find my own accommodation.. By myself! I'd been used to staying and people's accommodation or having them secure me a room at the place they were staying. Not anymore. Completely solo Luana is back, and I couldn't be happier to hear myself say so in my head. A sweaty 1.5 hour walk in the heat (with my backpack) followed by a trickle of monsoon rain later, Read more [...]

Don’t angry me.

This was the main line of a Bollywood film, Rowdy Ranthorpe, which I watched in Coimbatore with my Joshy. The film itself was hilarious. Obviously as dramatic as always and weirdly extra sexual. Or maybe that was just my English opinion. We decided to treat ourselves by getting a rather large feast to take with us inside the cinema. This included: a large salted popcorn (of course!), a large drink, a chocolate brownie, a chocolate ice cream, a butterscotch ice cream and a chocolate doughnut. Read more [...]

Mormon Life

So I met a great bunch of Mormons. India was the last place I expected to meet such a group of people but interested in their religion I was indeed. I harassed each of them with numerous questions; some normal and inquisitive and others just plain strange. I got their individual thoughts on arranged marriage, relationship age gaps, the consequences of sex before marriage and even whether they could be with someone who wasn't pure. It was this final question of 'purity' which intrigued me the most. Read more [...]

Village life

So after a week of village life, it has come to my attention that my plan to only stay in this village for a night, before moving on to my unknown destination, didn’t quite go to plan. But with this place being like the most simple of possible heavens, it is difficult to just pack my bags and leave. Although, my time away in India is sadly coming to an end soon and so I do need to start heading up south as soon as possible to be able to see all I need to before leaving this stunning and highly Read more [...]