Goodbye Father. Goodbye living in luxury.

It’s true. The last 8-9 days which I have spent with my father, I have been treated like a pampered princess. There were unlimited amounts of cold coffees (easily 6 with one morning breakfast) and the best fresh fish meals you could eat by the local lake. Not only that, but there was even an option for room service. I was living in paradise, at least so I thought.

We get ready for our flight to Kathmandu (flying! – another luxury) and realise upon boarding that we took up a third of the passengers on this tiny 13 seated plane. With limited seats to choose from and only four others to fight for them, we both got perfect views of the mountains which we passed on our left. This plane was the cutest most of transport I had ever come across. Standing up straight wasn’t an option and the air hostess would come along hunched up with a tray full of sweets, salted peanuts and an English Himalayan Times newspaper. She then walked up with a litre of water and a collection of thin plastic cups. You were then able to dismiss her or grab a cup for her to fill with her bottle. The whole journey was cute… And quick! Within 30 minutes and we had arrived.

My father then had a good 6 hours to wait for his international flight to Delhi followed by London the next morning. My plan was to therefore stay with him over a coffee and then have our farewells before finally getting rid of my dearest papa and continuing my adventure alone. Of course my father had other ideas running through his worried mind and so wanted to ensure that I found a place to stay in his spare time. Discussing with a local taxi driver, he mentioned an Organic Farm which was quite the distance away from centre and therefore quieter and cheaper. We both jumped at the idea of taking a look and so off we went. Upon arrival, I realised that THIS was paradise. Okay, so it was still very much out of my ‘usual strict budget’ but it really was fabulous! It’s managed by a sweet Nepalese man while the Dutch owners are away. After looking around, my father was reassured that I was going to be alright without him and was happy to leave me. Clearly it had slipped his mind how I managed to cope without him in the previous 3 ½ months! But that’s what parents are for. They worry on your behalf, especially when they are aware that you don’t worry about things half as much as you should.