My Organic Farm – Paradise!

I wake up all alone. I’m now back to travelling alone again. There are no other’s staying where I am and since the airport, not a single foreigner in sight. Away from all of the riffraff and busy city centre, I have nothing to bother or wake me up other than the sounds of the birds. It’s pure tranquillity. Having slept for a good 12 hours, I’m now able to walk around and fully appreciate the place in which I am currently residing. My bedroom is a bright and spacious room with the natural sunlight filling it. My bed consists of a thick mattress placed on top of a low wooden box. A beautiful and white mosquito net/privacy curtain then surrounds the bed perfectly giving me the feel of royalty. I then have a large glass table, two long cushion bench seats and space to place my clothes on various shelving’s. I dress and sink my feet into bright green slippers (given to me by the manager) to walk down the stairs for breakfast. I’m two glorious floors up, which I love. I have it all to myself which means I even get a stunning mountain view from the balcony. The steps on the way down are wooden. A beautifully old and uneven creaky wood which is just as nice to touch that it is to observe. When walking down the stairs ducking is a must unless you want a big bruise all across your face.

I decided to go for their ‘Organic Breakfast’, which is again more expensive that I would have liked and would normally have me walking long distances just in order to save pennies. But it’s organic and I’m on their organic farm and I simply have to try it. I show my face and the plump chef wishing me a good morning before scuttling into the kitchen to prepare my meal from fresh. It’s not long before I’m surrounded by food. I have fresh and organic mango and apples, freshly made pancakes (made from organic ingredients of course) fresh organic goat yoghurt, organic cheese, muesli, freshly made jam and honey. All of which has been collected from their own garden farm. With my small pot of delicious Nepalese milk tea, nothing could have given me a better way to start the day. It was the best breakfast which I have had so far in my journey.


Like everyone does after breakfast (pop to the toilet, brush your teeth – the usual) I went on my way to visit the bathroom, which is a separate building from the others. I went outside and followed the cute wiggly path towards it and was greeted by two beautifully large wooden doors and a golden python handle. I walk in to find the biggest most luscious bathroom I have ever come across. And I’ve been in stunning bathrooms before which were pure white and the toilet flushes itself by just sensing that your bottom has risen from the seat. I’ve even had someone waiting outside my cubicle to physically wash and dry my hands for me, but that was nothing compared to this bathroom. It was huge; containing a comfortable seat, an extra-large shower surrounded by a curtain and as you turned the corner a small step which lead you to the toilet. There was then also a large mirror above two decent sized sinks. I’ve never been in a bathroom where you could do a cartwheel while your friend practises extreme juggling. There was just so much space!

The more I look around the farm, the more I see myself in a home like this, 10 or so years down the line. To me this is perfect. I want the ideal little cottage with the naturally wonky wooden flooring. I want the fruit and vegetables growing in my garden for me to pick at when preparing my own freshly made meals for my loving husband and children. I want to have the birds singing a good morning tune to me on a daily basis, just to open my eyes to beautiful views. I want to be far enough that the only annoying sound is that which comes out of my mouth, but then close enough to be able to travel when necessary. This is the perfect little home which I had previously pictured in a small village in France and so it gives me great delight to be able to stay here for a while, even if it will cost me that little bit more. The thing that worries me is that I might not leave here before my departing flight from Kathmandu. I say ‘worry’ but really it’s too idyllic to have any worries about in the first place.