Chill out day

Day after our strenuous trek, all we wish to do is chill out and recover from any leg pain and leech attacks. So we wake up, have our usual breakfast (2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, butter, jam and a tea/coffee) and then leave to find a boat which would take us across the river. We had heard such lovely things about the other side including the fact that it had a chilled out restaurant which served beer and allowed you to drink it whilst looking out upon the open water. We were under a strong agreement that this was a must for our final day together before my father leaves to go back to England.

A short walk later, we find a boat with a sweet little Nepalese woman who is willing to row us to our destination. A maximum of 10 minutes later, we arrive and our woman finds a spot under a tree to wait till we are ready to return. We end up spending the whole day there indulging in various Nepalese snacks and local beers and racking up quite the bill (which was probably the equivalent to only £11). But given their low prices, we really pushed the boat out. (Mind the pun)

Our conversation consists with our usual deep, open and meaningful chats which only continue on our return to our hotel with further alcoholic beverages. We only had enough to become jolly and get rid of any potential stress of last minute organisations but that’s all we needed. We say our final ‘Good night’s’ of our time together and hit the hay.