Taj Mahal

After literally no sleep, we awoke at 5am to be able to see the Taj Mahal for sunrise. I bumped into another English guy which then became another member of our Agra crew. It was at this point that I realised how much I adore the English. When you travel you meet such great people all over the world, but somehow you just manage to have the most in common with the people from the same country as yourself. I think that sarcasm is the main reason for this, as fellow Englishmen are able to understand Read more [...]


Wednesday 11th, I left my hostel in New Delhi at 5am (Yawn!) so that I was able to walk to find myself a Tuk Tuk to haggle with to take me to the train station. Half way to my destination and the driver has the cheek to pick up another random Indian man to share with!! With it being so early, myself being tired and the fact that I had only been in India for a week I was not very happy about this and slightly concerned. Turns out the man spoke very good English and was actually quite friendly. (Which Read more [...]