Old Delhi, New Delhi

So altogether I have been able to spend 5 days in Delhi. Jumping from old to new via tuk tuks, walking and their useful metro system. Obviously living in London beforehand meant that I HAD to try theirs and compare the differences. I went assuming that nothing could compare to the English underground system though I was actually wrong. There is plenty more space on the underground in India. Another great aspect of it is that they have 'women only' carriages which I think is fantastic. Especially Read more [...]


So my first cultural speaking attempt was obviously to be the word 'Namasté'. On my way up North with the guys, we stopped at a petrol station for water, crisps and a toilet trip. Upon entering the ladies toilet, I was greeted by a random female who I can only assume to have been the toilet attendant. She put her hands together and did the polite 'Namasté'. I of course copied these actions and then went into my cubicle. I then had to do the classy thing of both feet apart balancing over Read more [...]

Hello India!

So I finally arrive safe and soundly in Delhi and 30 minutes after an awkward Hind-glish conversation my taxi man took me to my hostel. I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’d obviously heard stories and watched films regarding their 'interesting' driving but to see it in person was spectacular! A simple dual carriageway would mean that THREE/FOUR lanes were to be created by users rather than just their suggested two. Throughout the 40 minute journey there were ‘Don’t hoot’ signs. But with Read more [...]

Tuk Tuk

So I went on my first ever tuk tuk/rickshaw which was an amazing experience. To start with it needed to be physically pushed back and front by 3 others to get out of such a small space. Then theres the manic driving and squeezing into small gaps. With no seatbelts or doors you just have to hold on to each other, have a blast and hope for the best.