Women shouldn’t talk

At one point, I was sat on the back of a motorbike as we were trying to assess the location of our hotel. A drunken man then approached us asking where we were trying  to get to. Being as idiotic as we were, we had absolutely no idea of the name of the hotel in which we checked in. We both started a conversation as to what the hotel might be called when the Indian man pointed and shouted ‘Woman no talk. Only man talk.’ and faced my male companion. I’m sure any woman would feel the exact Read more [...]

Frisbee Fun

On Varkala Beach, we got ourselves involved in a random game of Frisbee. This game involved maybe 12 Frisbees going around at any given point, a bunch of people no one knew names to, accidents and falling over dogs. It was after dark when one guy gave us a Frisbee to keep as a souvenir and future games. So, on another beach, could there be a better possible place to have another game of Frisbee? As we play another game, my lacking skills appear to be slowly improving. A random man gets involved Read more [...]

Plain ignorance and life endangerment

Staying beside another beach, it was impossible for us to keep away from the glorious sea.  Naturally the ‘life guards’ would come running towards you blowing their whistle for you to return to the safety of the sandy ground. I find it the most amusing that they refer to themselves as ‘life guards’ given that they most likely can’t swim and in no way would they even consider entering the water for any reason let alone saving someone’s life. I like to call these men ‘whistle blowers’ Read more [...]

Road trip to Kovalam

So what’s the best way to try and ignore your emotional pain of separation on your dearest travel partner? Maybe rent two manual bikes with the best French guys you will ever meet and go on a random crazy road trip down South on them? Well it seemed to work perfectly for me. Being a mere female (to fellow Indian men), I had obviously never ridden a manual bike and therefore had to teach myself. This was a bumpy and wobbly start but soon led to the feeling of pure control, ultimate freedom and Read more [...]