Road trip to Kovalam

So what’s the best way to try and ignore your emotional pain of separation on your dearest travel partner? Maybe rent two manual bikes with the best French guys you will ever meet and go on a random crazy road trip down South on them? Well it seemed to work perfectly for me.

Being a mere female (to fellow Indian men), I had obviously never ridden a manual bike and therefore had to teach myself. This was a bumpy and wobbly start but soon led to the feeling of pure control, ultimate freedom and immense power.

The trip was long and the roads were dodgy, but the journey couldn’t have been more fun. I enjoyed every second of it and the company I acquired couldn’t have been better.

We managed to find stunning accommodation for the three of us which contained a keyboard inside the room. These guys had already surprised me with their guitar talents on the boat, especially when I requested a particular song which they had never heard of before. I found it on my iPod and played it aloud. Instantly they were able to pick up each note and play it perfectly. If there’s a list of ways to impress a girl, this has to be at the very top. So when it turns out they are equally as talented on the keyboard, I just melted inside.  I was happy to just lie on the bed or relax on our balcony as they (unknowingly) serenaded me with a duet.

It was music to my ears…. Literally.