Goodbye Daniel

So travelling alone you wouldn’t think that you would have such an issue with goodbyes as you never stay with someone long enough for there to be a real one, let alone an emotional one. And no matter how much I would love to deny it, I may have shed a tear when my dearest Daniel and I parted ways.

We met randomly in the sea in Goa and had since been sharing our traveling experience together. Given that we are both completely different people we were both surprised that we managed to stick together for so long. We really couldn’t have been more opposite. Of course I’m sure we both managed to frustrate the other on many occasions (like any other people would) but I truly believe that our differences brought us closer. He’s one of the nicest guys I have ever met, which is why the goodbye was so difficult for me.

It happened at breakfast when we were getting our usual deal for 90 Rupees (2 eggs, 2 slices of toast, tea/coffee, fruit juice and fruit salad) and then Daniel does his casual ‘So guys, I gotta leave to get my train’ before some handshakes, ‘It was nice meeting you’ and a squeeze of a hug from me. For the past few days he had said he was to leave to start heading up North before his return to the UK in the next week. So although I was fully aware and had plenty of notice, my mind was in complete denial and was therefore shocked to find out that he was actually leaving. But we had a pathetic hug goodbye and he went on his way.

As I sat there for 5-10 minutes thinking about how meaningless that goodbye was, I started to feel it wasn’t sufficient enough given all the time we spent together in such confined spaces. So I rudely leapt up from the table and interrupted conversation to do my second most dramatic run in my whole life. I whipped off my flip flops and sprinted across to the accommodation at which we were staying. I hurdled puddles and darted dogs and poles, as everyone watches me in confusion, in hope to reach my destination before he was to leave. On arrival, I am out of breath and trying to shout Daniel’s name yet failing miserably. I feel such sadness and disappointment in myself when I fully believe I have left our parting of ways like this. Luckily he was still there for me to complain about our pitiful attempt. Fortunately he felt the same way and a good chat and wait later, we had a more meaningful and emotional (for me at least) goodbye.

I definitely feel happier to have left this way and I dearly hope that we meet again in the future.