‘Yeah mother… I’m all alone again…Hold on just a second…’

After having been abandoned by my dearest Frenchies, I decided to figure out my next plan over dinner. So I sit myself down and get a drink as I decide to receive a Skype call from my mother. I openly share the fact that it’s rather strange and quite sad to have parted ways with people who I had spent such great time with. Clearly, I am aware that this is a moment which will pass and I will soon be bouncing from place to place as I did previous to meeting them so depressed or worried I was not. Read more [...]

Happy just as I am.

It was amazing and perfect. It turned my world upside down. It made me smile so much that I wouldn’t be shocked if I found wrinkles on my cheeks. He made me feel the best that I have ever felt. When I was a young girl, in a situation like this, I would be infatuated and feel the need to chase this fairy tale ending till it would end with a kiss and fireworks prior to the credits rolling onto the screen. It’s the small things like this which makes me chuckle about how so much people can change Read more [...]

Naïve or just blissfully happy right here and now?

I am a young female and I am fully aware of that. I haven’t lived long enough to even attempt the sentence ‘I know everything’ because I really don’t and I never will. But since travelling, I have come to think that I’m not as mentally young, naïve or gullible as others of my age range. And it is this which tends to bother me the most when it comes to the question, ‘So how old are you?’. I tend to dislike revealing my real age, as I feel that they will be unable to see and communicate Read more [...]

Sea Sparkles

So after meeting such great American lads for dinner we end up on the beach together for a midnight swim. We end up lying on the sand discussing various jokes and riddles which sounds stupid and childish but every now and then you have to let your inner child out to play. After a while of us all lying on our front with our hands gliding in the sand it comes to our attention that every now and then there is a spark of light which appears. I shout out with excitement thinking that it's a fire fly, Read more [...]

Parlez-vous français?

Seeing as I’ve been spending some time with some French guys, it would have been ludicrous to not take advantage of the situation and try to re-learn the language skills which I seem to have abandoned since the school years. It was probably the most annoying part of their trip but I definitely improved over the days. It gave me a huge desire to be able to speak the language fluently. Since, I have acquired a French poetry book, a French-English dictionary and many French applications on my iPod Read more [...]

Goodbye Daniel

So travelling alone you wouldn't think that you would have such an issue with goodbyes as you never stay with someone long enough for there to be a real one, let alone an emotional one. And no matter how much I would love to deny it, I may have shed a tear when my dearest Daniel and I parted ways. We met randomly in the sea in Goa and had since been sharing our traveling experience together. Given that we are both completely different people we were both surprised that we managed to stick together Read more [...]

Varkala Beach

Going to Varkala gave us a pleasant little group of 5 (2 French, 2 English and a German) who all stayed in the same Bamboo Village accommodation as neighbours to each other. With it costing us only 200 Rupees per room, it was dirt cheap and very welcoming. This became our chill out town to relax by the beach, have a couple of drinks and just generally relax till we figured out our next plan, whether it be as a group or not. On our first trip to the beach, all we wanted to do was to jump into the Read more [...]