I’m still me, just a better and more up-to-date version of me.

The more time I spend with my father, the more I’m able to compare myself with the person I was before having come to India and Nepal. This experience has changed me for the better. I feel that I am more relaxed and laid back about pretty much everything. Every question he has seems to be easily and rationally answered by my now calm and well trained mind. Since Vipassana in particular, everything I think about seems more logical now thfat so much isn’t running in and around my mind. I’m still Read more [...]

Hello Nepal!

… As I continue to walk literally nowhere I see the massive archway with the words ‘Welcome to Nepal’ in large letters across it. With pure excitement of leaving one adventure just for another to commence, I was only able to proudly stride underneath it to get to the immigration office. A few more form filling, passport exchanging and money giving later I have my visa and am legally permitted to enter the country. Immediately I am able to notice the difference between the two countries. I had Read more [...]