Hello Nepal!

… As I continue to walk literally nowhere I see the massive archway with the words ‘Welcome to Nepal’ in large letters across it. With pure excitement of leaving one adventure just for another to commence, I was only able to proudly stride underneath it to get to the immigration office. A few more form filling, passport exchanging and money giving later I have my visa and am legally permitted to enter the country. Immediately I am able to notice the difference between the two countries. I had been so used to the dirt, noise, hassle and money cheaters that arriving into tranquillity, cleanliness and genuine niceness of the locals really took me back. I was informed that this was to be the case, but to actually experience it was still shocking.

Upon arrival, the sun begins to rise and I sit down for some breakfast. It’s here that another 9 hour bus ticket is booked the time difference from India is brought to my attention. I originally thought that India being four AND A HALF hours in front of England was bizarre enough, but now Nepal was an extra FIFTEEN minutes ahead. I didn’t think that such time differences existed. I always assumed that they varied by the hour and not the quarter of the hour.

Anyway, on the bus I am knackered given the fact that I have been travelling for 24 hours straight, most of it being in monsoon conditions. I attempt to sleep as much as possible but this ‘bus’ was more of a tiny minivan which has seats which seem physically impossible for two to share even though they were clearly created for such. It’s at this moment that I can only guess that the Nepalese are much tinier than us Westerners are.

Throughout my journey to my hotel, I am surrounded by the most stunning green valleys. I can see the freshness, smell the freshness and even feel the freshness. I have never seen so much bright green nature. It was remarkable. Even with my tired eyes, non-functioning mind and struggling body I am able to appreciate such beauty and reach great inner satisfaction for having chosen to travel to such a destination.

Nepal, I am very much looking forward to getting to know you better…