Spit splash back

In Udaipur I took a taxi trip with three others. The journey was to take 2-3 hours which I spent mostly asleep. I was the piggy in the middle of the back seats. The poor girl to my right wasn’t so lucky with her plans to sleep as the driver (as many others here) was a tobacco chewer which meant that he was also a spitter. Given that the car wasn’t air conditioned, all windows were wide open to allow as much fresh wind as possible. I’m sure you can see where this is going. On every spitting Read more [...]

Differences in reactions

  In regards to my broken camera, I think about how different this reaction was in comparison to how I would have reacted living in London. I would have gone mental. The old Luana would have made a scene and moaned about it forever more.  In regards to my past relationship I would complain about anything and everything possible. I wouldn't allow myself to be happy in a good situation. Maybe because I didn't feel I deserved to be happy and for everything in this very moment to be perfect Read more [...]


I have been here for 2 days now and not really seen much of this beautiful city. I had been told so much about how romantic this place was to be. And it really is. With a huge lake which I circled on a boat to watch the sunset, I couldn’t have imaged a more romantic moment. I shared such a trip with a fellow Brazilian girl, Anna, which was lovely as I don’t think it would have been quite the same to see alone. There are a few things which I still need to see here like the huge palace, some Read more [...]