Mysore. Yoursore.

This particular hostel which I wished to stay at had a strict check in time of 10am which meant that I had to sit directly outside the room full of empty beds for over 3 ½ hours before I was actually able to place my belongings beside my chosen bed and explore the town. I met a guy, David who was willing to take me around the town in his tuk tuk for an extremely cheap price and so I couldn’t say no. he was such a lovely guy that I spent most of the day going to shops to ‘look around’ just Read more [...]


Arriving in Udupi, I felt even worse than I did in Goa. I was unable to work out exactly what was wrong with me but putting it as short and sweet as possible, my body disagreed with everything I ate, and I had little to no energy, headaches, body aches and stomach cramps. Not the most pleasant separately let alone as a combination. The only reason to visit Udupi was to see the temple. I spent a whole day in bed literally unable to move. Thankful that I was sharing accommodation with another, he Read more [...]

Yaba Daba Doo

Arriving in Hampi was like going back in time to the stone ages. With boulders filling the small town it was like nothing I have ever seen before. The amount and sizes of rocks which were scattered throughout made me constantly question ‘How the hell this they end up like this? Where did they all come from? How did this happen?’. There were places where rocks were just casually staked upon each other which makes it look like the slight push of the finger could send the top one tumbling down. Read more [...]

Head to Happy Hampi

The ticket to Hampi had to be booked in advance because quite frankly otherwise, I would not have been able to leave Goa. The place was like heaven and hell in one. It’s horribly amazing and beautifully disgusting but so difficult to actually get away from. The day I am to leave Goa, I am feeling as ill as I possibly could. Throughout the night I had a horrid fever giving me shivers as I layer on clothes, blankets and my bath towel just to be fully aware that even though I feel so cold, I am Read more [...]