Arriving in Udupi, I felt even worse than I did in Goa. I was unable to work out exactly what was wrong with me but putting it as short and sweet as possible, my body disagreed with everything I ate, and I had little to no energy, headaches, body aches and stomach cramps. Not the most pleasant separately let alone as a combination.

The only reason to visit Udupi was to see the temple. I spent a whole day in bed literally unable to move. Thankful that I was sharing accommodation with another, he went out on my behalf to collect bread and water for me to consume. He was such a sweetheart to do this and explore the small town of nothingness while I moped alone pathetically in the room.

The following morning I felt a bit better and was finally able to drag myself out of bed to see the only thing we arrived for. Turns out it wasn’t as good as I had read. On entrance there was a queue and a man who pushed you all through one by one giving you 1.2 seconds to pray or worship the religious statue. Inside there was an area where there were cows locked up like a country fare. Out of all of the temples I have been in, this was definitely the weirdest which left me feeling the least connected to spiritual India.