It’s weird how strongly I believe in karma now. I feel like the Italian looking out for me and offering me to share his accommodation for free was a moment of karma to exchange the kindness I have given to other travels. For instance, I have walked a 29 American woman to her guest house in the middle of the night to ensure that she was safe, to then walk back to my guest house alone. I have looked after various older travellers who have gotten drunk and struggled talking let alone being able to Read more [...]

Camel Safari

I decided to rope two single travelling girls (who both happened to be from America) into renting two mopeds to travel into the middle of the desert for a camel safari. I dislike tours with a passion and I feel restricted from doing what I want to do. I don’t like having to follow a program like sheep as we do the most touristic things possible for a high price. After having told a slight fib about having driven plenty of bikes in the past, I finally got them both in agreement. It was an automatic Read more [...]