Don’t angry me.

This was the main line of a Bollywood film, Rowdy Ranthorpe, which I watched in Coimbatore with my Joshy. The film itself was hilarious. Obviously as dramatic as always and weirdly extra sexual. Or maybe that was just my English opinion. We decided to treat ourselves by getting a rather large feast to take with us inside the cinema. This included: a large salted popcorn (of course!), a large drink, a chocolate brownie, a chocolate ice cream, a butterscotch ice cream and a chocolate doughnut. Read more [...]

Mormon Life

So I met a great bunch of Mormons. India was the last place I expected to meet such a group of people but interested in their religion I was indeed. I harassed each of them with numerous questions; some normal and inquisitive and others just plain strange. I got their individual thoughts on arranged marriage, relationship age gaps, the consequences of sex before marriage and even whether they could be with someone who wasn't pure. It was this final question of 'purity' which intrigued me the most. Read more [...]

Village life

So after a week of village life, it has come to my attention that my plan to only stay in this village for a night, before moving on to my unknown destination, didn’t quite go to plan. But with this place being like the most simple of possible heavens, it is difficult to just pack my bags and leave. Although, my time away in India is sadly coming to an end soon and so I do need to start heading up south as soon as possible to be able to see all I need to before leaving this stunning and highly Read more [...]

Complete contradiction

If I were to look back on my previous posts I would feel complete contradiction in what I was saying. But that’s only due to different situations which have since arisen and my personal feelings and emotions having adapted because of them. And technically I’m not contradicting myself if I decide to fully change my opinions, thought processes and actions. At the end of the day, all that matters is that I am happy with who I am and what I do. And so to me I feel like I am a very different person Read more [...]

Water wake up

Third day in the village and it has come to my attention than roughly every other day the people of the village have to go to a tap and collect water in vessels to bring back to their own homes. This water is then the only water they will have for the two days in order to wash with, flush toilets, clean food and cook with. So this morning I get a wakeup call at around 5am to help out with such a task. This was not what I was expecting but I was more than happy to jump up and do my part. Especially Read more [...]

Waking up in the Village

The morning after was a glorious feeling, being able to wake up to the sounds of birds, the smacking of clothes on rocks and the general chit chat of the local villagers. To me this was the most delightful way to be introduced to the village in the actual daylight. Since I had been moving around on motorbikes from place to place, I haven’t been able to stay in an area long enough to be able to do any laundry. At this point all my clothing is in a complete state and odour wouldn’t even begin Read more [...]

Welcome to the Village

These American guys are currently studying in a small village just outside of Coimbatore, a location in which I was going to have to stop by to get to my next destination. Having shared this information, the guys were quick to kindly invite me to stay with them in their home. Given that I had not planned anything and was going to have to stop near there anyway, I didn’t even think twice before saying ‘Alright then!’. So I packed my bag the following morning and we all hopped onto a 10 hour Read more [...]

Ugh Double up. Ugh ugh.

So the guys have got me into some rather annoying habits. Making a manly 'ugh' sound would be one of them. I'm not going to lie, when they do it it does sound quite catchy and the teeny tiniest bit 'cool'. But when I attempt it (especially when in public) it just sounds like I'm doing an awkward and public moan. I'm working on it though. Other actual words I seem to use a lot are 'way', 'super', 'dang it' and the most annoying one being 'aaawwwsoome'. This was the most infuriating word of all and Read more [...]