Differences in reactions

  In regards to my broken camera, I think about how different this reaction was in comparison to how I would have reacted living in London. I would have gone mental. The old Luana would have made a scene and moaned about it forever more.  In regards to my past relationship I would complain about anything and everything possible. I wouldn't allow myself to be happy in a good situation. Maybe because I didn't feel I deserved to be happy and for everything in this very moment to be perfect Read more [...]


I have been here for 2 days now and not really seen much of this beautiful city. I had been told so much about how romantic this place was to be. And it really is. With a huge lake which I circled on a boat to watch the sunset, I couldn’t have imaged a more romantic moment. I shared such a trip with a fellow Brazilian girl, Anna, which was lovely as I don’t think it would have been quite the same to see alone. There are a few things which I still need to see here like the huge palace, some Read more [...]


It’s weird how strongly I believe in karma now. I feel like the Italian looking out for me and offering me to share his accommodation for free was a moment of karma to exchange the kindness I have given to other travels. For instance, I have walked a 29 American woman to her guest house in the middle of the night to ensure that she was safe, to then walk back to my guest house alone. I have looked after various older travellers who have gotten drunk and struggled talking let alone being able to Read more [...]

Camel Safari

I decided to rope two single travelling girls (who both happened to be from America) into renting two mopeds to travel into the middle of the desert for a camel safari. I dislike tours with a passion and I feel restricted from doing what I want to do. I don’t like having to follow a program like sheep as we do the most touristic things possible for a high price. After having told a slight fib about having driven plenty of bikes in the past, I finally got them both in agreement. It was an automatic Read more [...]

Sleep on the floor of the train station?

I had booked myself a train for 5:05am to travel to Jaisalmer and because of the fact that I would only be paying for 3 hours sleep in accommodation, I decided that it would be a waste of money and that I should instead just sleep on the floor of the train station for that time. The being in the dark and being surrounded by random Indian men watching me throughout the night didn’t bother me. I’ve always wondered if I’ve just had too much confidence for my own good. But so far it’s worked Read more [...]

5:02am – 5:44am

At precisely 5:02am I was awoken by a strange sound. I know it was this time exactly because I instantly panicked that it was lunch time and I had missed my delicious breakfast which was included with my accommodation and so jumped at my iPod to see if that was the case. It turns out that someone on the other side of my rooms wooden double door was knocking. After ignoring such for 5-10 minutes, I assumed whoever it was would give up from trying to get my attention. Unfortunately, this was not the Read more [...]

“All white girls want to make sex with chocolate boy…”

There was a man who wanted me to look at his factory. Like all the other men wanting to sell me things, I said 'No thank you. I'm busy.' Then he said 'I can give you free Chai'. This is when I realised that I'm a sucker for their free delicious tea and am thus a very cheap date in India. So into his factory I go and it turns out that he didn't actually want to sell me anything. I think he just appreciated being acknowledged by a foreigner and simply wanted a chat. I was in no rush and so Read more [...]

Smelling of my hair

It’s my first night staying in Jodhpur and since having arrived at 4am, I was able to see plenty during the day. By the time it hit 9pm, I was completely drained. All I wanted was to rest in my double bed, read my book and sleep till the birds awake me with their singing. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as simple of a plan as I originally thought. It hit 10pm and I was reading my book in bed (unclothed obviously, as sleep was my next intention). I then hear knocking on the door of my room. Assuming Read more [...]

Birth of a baby boy

Interesting fact of the day.

I have been informed that there was a baby boy which has only just been born within walking distances of my current location.

The reason that I know this is because whenever a boy has been brought into this world, it is Indian culture to make a consistent banging sound on an instrument leaving half a second between each bang. Of course there is no sound when a girl is born. Though that was to be expected.


It has been a shock horror moment when I realised that after having been in India for just over 2 weeks I had yet to try their popular drink, Lassi. I had a special one with saffron and cinnamon. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it. I looked around to all the others who had gone t the same corner café for the same reasons as me. They seemed so shocked to see me and were all eagerly staring (more than I was used to). I couldn't work out if it was just because I was a white girl in their Read more [...]