Smelling of my hair

It’s my first night staying in Jodhpur and since having arrived at 4am, I was able to see plenty during the day. By the time it hit 9pm, I was completely drained. All I wanted was to rest in my double bed, read my book and sleep till the birds awake me with their singing. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as simple of a plan as I originally thought.

It hit 10pm and I was reading my book in bed (unclothed obviously, as sleep was my next intention). I then hear knocking on the door of my room. Assuming that it couldn’t actually be for me as I had yet to speak to others staying in the hotel, I ignored the knocking and continued with my book.

5 minutes later, there was another knock at the door. This time I yell ‘Hello?’ in a loud but polite manner. No response. Seconds after, another knock. ‘Fine!’ I say to myself. I aggressively put my book down and jump out of bed. I cover myself with my towel and unbolt my door. A small Indian man is stood on the other side and starts with ‘My friend stays here’ whilst pointing inside my room.

‘No, I don’t think your friend does’ I reply.

‘Yes, my friend. He stay here.’

I turn my head and look inside my room. ‘No. Just me.’

‘Oh.’ He then has a confused face for about half a second before he continues with ‘You want to chat?’

‘Oh, sorry. I’m just so tired that I really need to sleep right now.’ I then do a dramatic yawn as I stretch my left arm out (whilst my right holds on VERY tightly to my towel) and shut my eyes for the matter of seconds. As my eyes open, I am alarmed to find that his face is directly next to mine. Before I could even push him away, I saw his eyes close as he took in a deep breath. The man smelt me! Whether it was my hair or my body. He took a whiff of me which lead to his creepy smile which wrapped itself around his face. After having pushed him away he seemed hurt and then whispered ‘Can I kiss you?’

‘NO!’ I exclaimed.

He then grabbed my hand and continued with ‘Can I kiss your hand?’. At this point his body was in my doorway and his forceful hand was pulling mine closer to his lips. I tugged at my arm as if my limbs weren’t connected, and freed my hand, pushed him backwards with strength and slammed my door shut.

Well there goes my peaceful nights plans of reading and sleeping.