“All white girls want to make sex with chocolate boy…”

There was a man who wanted me to look at his factory. Like all the other men wanting to sell me things, I said ‘No thank you. I’m busy.’

Then he said ‘I can give you free Chai’. This is when I realised that I’m a sucker for their free delicious tea and am thus a very cheap date in India.

So into his factory I go and it turns out that he didn’t actually want to sell me anything. I think he just appreciated being¬†acknowledged¬†by a foreigner and simply wanted a chat. I was in no rush and so was more than happy to make conversation while getting unlimited amounts of tea.

It was after a while that he informed me that ‘All white girls want to make sex with chocolate boy…’ I was so shocked to hear such words coming out of such a skinny Indian man. I had yet to hear a local refer to himself as a ‘chocolate boy’ and so couldn’t help but burst into laughter. To make it more amusing he told me that ‘White girls want sex too much and sometimes I have to say no’.

I had no words…