5:02am – 5:44am

At precisely 5:02am I was awoken by a strange sound. I know it was this time exactly because I instantly panicked that it was lunch time and I had missed my delicious breakfast which was included with my accommodation and so jumped at my iPod to see if that was the case. It turns out that someone on the other side of my rooms wooden double door was knocking. After ignoring such for 5-10 minutes, I assumed whoever it was would give up from trying to get my attention. Unfortunately, this was not the case.
There was consistent banging of the door, tinging of the metal clasp which I use to padlock my room from the outside and even forceful pushes on the door as it eased in  and squeaked loudly. This continued till 5:44am?! I only wish I was exaggerating this information!
I can only imagine what they would say if they ended up breaking the door and entering the room which I paid for whilst I was happily sleeping in bed. ‘Sorry madam to break into your room so early in the morning to wake you but…’  I simply couldn’t think of a good enough reason to finish off that sentence.
No words were spoken (neither softly or loudly) through the door. And unless I could see/smell smoke or I could hear any words which were similar to ‘fire, danger, emergency..’ then I was not to open the door to anyone at such a silly time in the morning. Especially with what happened last time.
Instead during this time, which was impossible to ignore and go back to sleep, I decided to productively use it to think of the perfect excuse when I eventually decided to WAKE MYSELF as to what I was going to tell them. Then it hit me. Why make an excuse? I think ‘I was asleep and it was bloody early’ would suffice!