Happy just as I am.

It was amazing and perfect. It turned my world upside down. It made me smile so much that I wouldn’t be shocked if I found wrinkles on my cheeks. He made me feel the best that I have ever felt.

When I was a young girl, in a situation like this, I would be infatuated and feel the need to chase this fairy tale ending till it would end with a kiss and fireworks prior to the credits rolling onto the screen. It’s the small things like this which makes me chuckle about how so much people can change in such little time. ‘Perfect’ wouldn’t even begin to describe the last 10 days which I have had and the thought of meeting again would be incredible for many reasons. But this doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t also be completely happy to continue living my life without such a reencounter. For I know that no matter what, I’m extremely happy and lucky to have had such an occurrence with such a charming, humorous and gorgeous man. It is such memories will never part from my mind.