Sea Sparkles

So after meeting such great American lads for dinner we end up on the beach together for a midnight swim. We end up lying on the sand discussing various jokes and riddles which sounds stupid and childish but every now and then you have to let your inner child out to play.
After a while of us all lying on our front with our hands gliding in the sand it comes to our attention that every now and then there is a spark of light which appears. I shout out with excitement thinking that it’s a fire fly, which I have recently seen a lot of in Kerala. Seeing a fire fly is new and exciting for me as I had never seen one beforehand.
Josh however, is determined that it’s something strange yet funky in the sand which is allowing light particles to react and cause such light to shine.
Determined that he’s being massively incorrect given the fact that he’s American and that I’m British (and we were all being jokingly racist towards each other), I was going to fight my point that it was just the reflection of the moon shining upon the grains of sand. Steve was on my side. Unfortunately Nathan was also not. This caused an argument which lasted a good 30 minutes involving moon blocks (hands being piled together to shadow the sand) and multiple synchronised hands molesting the sandy ground.
It was then days later in Coimbatore that Nathan decided to be just as stubborn as me and google the facts of that night. Apparently they exist with scientific proof. Yet I’m determined that the website he collected this information off of wasn’t gathered by a British scientist and therefore void. He claims otherwise. I wish not to discuss this topic further…