Plain ignorance and life endangerment

Staying beside another beach, it was impossible for us to keep away from the glorious sea.  Naturally the ‘life guards’ would come running towards you blowing their whistle for you to return to the safety of the sandy ground. I find it the most amusing that they refer to themselves as ‘life guards’ given that they most likely can’t swim and in no way would they even consider entering the water for any reason let alone saving someone’s life. I like to call these men ‘whistle blowers’ as I feel that is all they are capable of actually doing.

Plenty of ignorance to the noises later, we decide to withdraw ourselves from the sea to get the usual threats of calling the police, the lecture of danger and the likelihood of death being caused by swimming in such hazardous waters etc. (Obviously put into simpler terms).

We then begin to discuss the absurdity of this whistle nonsense as I look out at an oncoming wave in the distance. I begin to have an unexpected urge to just run towards it and dive beneath it. For those of you who know me, know that when I get an urge (no matter how weird or random it may seem) I generally like to fulfil it. So leap into the waters I did. Least to say that the whistle blowers didn’t look very impressed with my actions at all.