Frisbee Fun

On Varkala Beach, we got ourselves involved in a random game of Frisbee. This game involved maybe 12 Frisbees going around at any given point, a bunch of people no one knew names to, accidents and falling over dogs. It was after dark when one guy gave us a Frisbee to keep as a souvenir and future games.

So, on another beach, could there be a better possible place to have another game of Frisbee?

As we play another game, my lacking skills appear to be slowly improving. A random man gets involved and teaches me his professional ways to the best of his ability. He was able to throw it long distances, bounce it off the sand, spin it upside down. His Frisbee talents were literally endless. I wasn’t aware that it was possible to throw sometime in so many different ways until this point.

Though at one point he flung it towards a man who managed to catch it just before it was able to annihilate his face. He asked if it was possible for him to pass it back to me and understandably no one playing had an issue with this suggestion. As it leaves his hands, it manages to fly sky high before shooting down at a wild speed towards a family gathering who happen to be posing for a camera. Amazingly a young boy was evidently taking notice of our game managed to catch it magnificently with one hand with what looked like near to no effort at all. He again made the same suggestion to pass it back to me and continued the game. His attempt wasn’t much better than the previous however this time we weren’t so lucky. A small Indian woman was just minding her own business, admiring the sea before there was a smack, straight on the forehead. This Frisbee wasn’t the lightest of them and had a rather tough shell. So it was completely understandable when she felt pain and anger towards the situation. Given that she didn’t see what happened, she instantly walked towards me shouting in Hindi. I’m not going to lie; I was speechless and petrified. Thankfully the young boy who threw it ran in the same direction to explain what had happened and apologise.

After her forehead had been patted down with a cloth and words were exchanged, the situation died down and everyone went separate ways. We came to the logical conclusion that maybe this beach wasn’t the best location for our fun little game.