Women shouldn’t talk

At one point, I was sat on the back of a motorbike as we were trying to assess the location of our hotel. A drunken man then approached us asking where we were trying  to get to. Being as idiotic as we were, we had absolutely no idea of the name of the hotel in which we checked in. We both started a conversation as to what the hotel might be called when the Indian man pointed and shouted ‘Woman no talk. Only man talk.’ and faced my male companion.

I’m sure any woman would feel the exact same anger as I did at this moment in time. I’d never seen such a shade of red blaring through my eyes. I think the only thing that differs me so much from the majority of other females is the fact that I am willing to cause an uproar to this highly sexist comment. Quite frankly, I flip out.

I personally don’t see myself as one to cuss aggressively at people unless I feel highly necessary (i.e. when I am genuinely angry about a situation). I get my pointing finger out and start yelling right there and then. ‘Don’t you talk like that to me. You don’t EVER talk to me like that. Who do you think you are? A man? You’re not a man.’

It’s when he sticks to his ground about me being female and therefore not permitted to talk that I raise my tone.

‘Don’t f*cking talk to me. Don’t even f*cking look me at me!’

This may seem like an extreme reaction to some. But as a female I feel the need to stick up for not only myself but also the others who are less confident to do so themselves. I feel that I won the argument and made him look like a big enough idiot that he might consider his actions in future before speaking to another woman in such a disrespectful and demeaning way. It’s quite likely that my comments will make absolutely no difference but it gives me enough to sleep at night knowing that I tried.