Alone and depressed? I wish!

I just don’t seem to get down about being alone and I really thought I would. I’m not too sure why this bothers me. I just assumed I might end up getting bored and tired of my own company.
I suppose it’s a good thing though. It’s much better to be happy in any given situation than having to NEED the company of others or NEED to have a connection with those from home. I have found that I much rather staying in accommodation which DOESN’T have Internet as I hate the feeling of still being connected to England in any way. That’s one of the reasons why I left anyway, no? Okay, so I update my locations, blogs and pictures every now and then. But I know that if I didn’t, then my parents would freak out and beat me with their worried minds on my return.So it’s just me. Lonesome me. Able to hibernate and speak to no one if I so choose to. I don’t even need to built up any energy to make conversation. And how I love the sound of nothing.