Alone in Pondy

With my unreserved train ticket to Pondy (Puducherry/Pondicherry) I managed to steal a sleeper. Being officially alone again meant that I had to find my own accommodation.. By myself! I’d been used to staying and people’s accommodation or having them secure me a room at the place they were staying. Not anymore. Completely solo Luana is back, and I couldn’t be happier to hear myself say so in my head.
A sweaty 1.5 hour walk in the heat (with my backpack) followed by a trickle of monsoon rain later, I finally found a place with an available room in my price range.
Upon arrival I genuinely thought that i was staying in luxury accommodation compared to the village. Though, when describing to others it came to my attention that I was staying in more of a prison than a ‘lodge’. I may have had a full working shower but the constant smell of sewer in the bathroom and the puddles of water which would seep into it from a mysterious location made me slightly nervous.
The tap water didn’t look or smell clean and so this was my first location in which I decided to use bottled water to brush my teeth. And with my strong feelings regarding ‘toughening up my immune system’, this really says how dodgy this water really was.