The awkward moment when you travel India via train and you end up in France?

Okay, so it turns out that I am actually still in India. It’s just this amazing place, Puducherry. After having actually circled the small town again and again, I’ve simply fallen in love. Real love. Like deeper love than Cinderella ever had for her prince. The French feel which fills the air makes the place seem so much more friendly and romantic. I just wanted to collect flowers and skip everywhere shouting ‘Bonjour’ to everyone I saw.

With a new ‘Learn French’ book which I acquired from ‘The Little French Book Shop’ was just what I needed to complete my plan of sitting in the local park. On arrival, it was a lot bigger than I had anticipated it to be. It was filled with playgrounds , statues and monuments. So I picked my perfect spot by a big and beautiful tree and spoke aloud, ‘Je m’appelle Luana et j’ai vingt ans. J’adore Pondy et je voudrais parler fran├žais beaucoup.’

I don’t know what it was about this place (other than being beautifully French) but I swear it made me feel like a better person. On my walk to my local juice shop, I helped pick up a man’s bag which fell from his bicycle.

Moments later I helped pull back a three-wheeled scooter so that it reversed for the lady to turn to go to the opposite direction. I felt like I was doing good. I went everywhere with a massive smile on my face and did a jump, spin or twirl at random intervals. Pondy is my place. It is perfect. I know my time here has to be short, and knowing this fact breaks a little corner of my heart. I can only imagine that if this is a French built town in India, what on earth could France actually have to offer?!

This baffles and excites me for my future, if I ever happen to go to France. I believe it might be able to mend any damages to my delicate heart which will be caused from my departure of Pondy.