I have no shame

People tend to jokingly comment on the lack of shame I have in life and deep down I see their point. I’m open and honest and share things which people tend to think and feel, yet keep to themselves. However, I don’t believe that I don’t have any shame, especially in regards to theseĀ taboo subjects which thy should not discuss else thy will burn for all eternity. For example my Pepsi-nose or personal hygiene predicament are problems in which many travelers may face/try to avoid and some may even have come to the same (genuis) conclusion as myself. And therefore such a topic isn’t one to feel any shame for. It’s just the fact that it’s not normally openly shared which is the issue.
Plus, I think it makes a humorous read.
I must say, it is a good thing that I decided to not write about the idea which I had previously considered which was to wear 8 pairs of underwear and then cut one to remove it as each day passes. That idea surely would have given me a reason to feel shameful!