Start of my 3,000km South to North Expedition.

So the start of my South to North expedition and I wake up 51 minutes after my alarm ‘apparently’ went off.
Last night I couldn’t sleep which was particularly annoying as I knew it was to be the last decent sleep for a while. I think it was that thought being constantly on my mind which didn’t help me. 1:23am and I’m still checking the time. It couldn’t have been long before I fell asleep… Into deep sleep. So, 4:51am and I’m running around like a headless chicken. I pick things up just to wonder where they seconds later (still in my hand), I keep returning to the bathroom determined that I left something important in there. There are no shelves or hooks and water fills the floor. I have NEVER left anything. I would exit the bathroom to be able to squirt shampoo and conditioner in my hair to then return to the shower.
I even managed to momentarily lose my trainers before I realised that I stupidly threw my backpack on top of them.
I’m panicked and I’m late. I throw on my backpack and run out the door just for my bag to get trapped on it. This day couldn’t have worked out anymore stressful. But I chuck on a glorious smile, wack on the aggressive iPod tunes and tweek all the way to the station in a speedy fashion. (Tweek is something I stole from the Americans as a way of walking at speed in any direction using music as both a motivation and a distraction.)
I get my 53 Rupee unreserved ticket and sit by myself on my unreserved seat. I made it!