How to repel Indian men.

Imagine a situation that you have an unreserved seat and will therefore have to be squished next to 4 other Indian men in one row (minimum). Imagine that there are people also sat on the seats infront of you, on the luggage racks and standing down the aisle (14 in total).
Now imagine that the man next to you is getting a little too close for comfort. What does one do with all these stares and body contact?
Simple. Follow these steps:
1) Ensure that you have with you a pot of Nutella, some bread and your lucky travel spoon.
2) Smother that spoon in Nutella and use the back of the spoon to spread it onto the bread.
3) Make sure it’s spread all the way to the edges. It’s even better if you get your hands accidentally covered in the process.
4) Literally throw the chocolate filled bread at your face. The more spread which smears across your face, the better.
5) Lick your fingers and watch the looks of horror as you go for that second slice.

Well, I definitely got some leg and elbow space. Less chest stares too. And there was me thinking that with my beauty and classy ways no Indian would be able to resist me. I was incorrect.