Chennai, Shmennai

So of all the places to be stuck, it turns out that Chennai isn’t one of them. But determined that I can get a train tomorrow afternoon I am. Whether I actually end up getting one or even getting a seat is a totally different question though.
Given that I should only be in Chennai for 30 hours (providing I manage to get out of here) I decided that I didn’t need to get accommodation. Especially if I wanted to see as much of this city as possible to then hop on a train.
So my idiotic plan was to lug my backpack around with me in the boiling summer heat to see what I feel necessary, to then pop back to the train station for my night nap before continuing my adventure to the North.
Turns out there isn’t all that much to see… in my opinion anyway. And moping around in the heat is never fun.
So I return to my luxurious bed (train station floor) and it turns out to not be the most comfortable. Weirdly enough I manage to throw my head onto my knees and knock out for a good 2-3 hours. I wake up still fully clutching onto all my luggage with nothing have been stolen. Well, a bit of dignity was taken from me when I woke up with a hand print on my face with a tiniest bit of dribble.
I’m counting down the hours and there are 18 to go. I don’t reckon that I will be getting much sleep here tonight so fingers crossed I end up getting a bed to lie on when I hop on the train.