New carriage mates

So I’ve managed to get my bottom on a beautiful sleeper. A top one too. I may have had to use a beautiful English smile and a please to switch with the man. But he didn’t seem to be too bothered as he did the classic Indian head shake in my direction along with a returned smile.
Upon staring at the ceiling of the carriage as I write this, it has come to my attention that the people who I am currently with, I will probably be with for the next 2 days straight. I have found myself surrounded by my new carriage mates. Thank goodness that I happen to be surrounded by many lovely females, most from Kenya. They are all as beautiful as each other which would make me feel out of place on my lonely white girl upper berth if they weren’t so inviting and pleasant to be around. Within 80 seconds of chit chat and I already have a place to stay up FURTHER North with them if I so choose to accept their kind offer.
Normally I would jump at such an opportunity. I tend to jump at anything before realising how far the drop back down might actually be. I’m just grateful that so far I’ve always landed on my feet.
My biggest wonder is how long I can stay lying on my bed before having to constantly fidget and move around. Given that I have a plan to take part in a Vipassana┬ácourse, this will be a good test of my patience, stillness and ability to just sit and do nothing. I have a funny feeling that I’m going to struggle to do such on a train. But I suppose only time will tell…