Thank the Lord for menstruation.

Okay, so It’s come to my attention that for the next 3-5 days it will be difficult and near impossible for me to change my clothes without either leaving my luggage unattended (big no no) or falling through the toilet of a train (bearing in mind that it’s just a large deep hole in the ground of the carriage where the gravel floor is visible) or placing my feet in urine (which is surprising given how large the toilet hole is. But I suppose squatting or aiming can be a difficult task for some?).
No changing of clothes for this time? Meh, but okay. Suck it up!
No washing of hair for this time? Unpleasant but hair up-do can cover dirtiness for a limited time.
No changing of underwear for this time? Well now that’s just not right. So I’m left in this hygiene predicament. And this is when it hits me, how grateful I am for menstruation. A item specifically in relation to this is sanitary towels. Buying enough means that I could change them as regularly as I wanted and without having to worry about my backpack (leaving unattended for larger periods of time and/or having it resting on dirty toilet floors).
Levels of potential hygiene = Increased.
It’s not going to be the most pleasant of my experiences but excited about it I am nonetheless.
In regards to general body washing (or lack of) I have acquired face wipes. Obviously in public this means that I can only wipe so much of the body before appearing inappropriate or indecent. But wiping my face, neck, arms and legs? Well, it’s going to feel like a casual visit to the spa!