Varkala Beach

Going to Varkala gave us a pleasant little group of 5 (2 French, 2 English and a German) who all stayed in the same Bamboo Village accommodation as neighbours to each other. With it costing us only 200 Rupees per room, it was dirt cheap and very welcoming. This became our chill out town to relax by the beach, have a couple of drinks and just generally relax till we figured out our next plan, whether it be as a group or not. On our first trip to the beach, all we wanted to do was to jump into the Read more [...]

God works in mysterious ways.

If there is a God, he most certainly knows how to keep individual lives as exciting and unpredictable as possible. I finally get it into my head and onto paper that I am finally over a past love and that I wish for nothing more than to be happy as I am without needing the company of other men. And I am. Well at least I was until life thought that this was the perfect time to find some holiday romance. I find that the world always works like this. As soon as you stop looking for something and Read more [...]

Allons á Alleppy

On three random occasions in and around Ooty, I happened to bump into the same French guys. After a few discussions we all realised that we had the same plan to travel South to Alleppy (Alappuzha) to do the classic overnight boat trip through the river and therefore decided that it would be more fun and so much cheaper if we were to actually plan our next encounter and do it together. So when I was in Kochi they had already arrived and had my accommodation and free transport from the bus station Read more [...]


Nowhere else in India will you be able to find such a mix than in Kochi. There were amazing fishing nets from China, which I got involved in. The fishermen called me over from the distance and next thing I know, I’m pulling on thick rope along with 5 other men. The net is fully pulled up and the two men run to see what has been caught. The excitement is unbearable that I fling off my flip flops and run across the thin plank of wood as the sea splashes beneath me. I was so delighted to find that Read more [...]