Taj Mahal

After literally no sleep, we awoke at 5am to be able to see the Taj Mahal for sunrise. I bumped into another English guy which then became another member of our Agra crew. It was at this point that I realised how much I adore the English. When you travel you meet such great people all over the world, but somehow you just manage to have the most in common with the people from the same country as yourself. I think that sarcasm is the main reason for this, as fellow Englishmen are able to understand Read more [...]


Wednesday 11th, I left my hostel in New Delhi at 5am (Yawn!) so that I was able to walk to find myself a Tuk Tuk to haggle with to take me to the train station. Half way to my destination and the driver has the cheek to pick up another random Indian man to share with!! With it being so early, myself being tired and the fact that I had only been in India for a week I was not very happy about this and slightly concerned. Turns out the man spoke very good English and was actually quite friendly. (Which Read more [...]

Old Delhi, New Delhi

So altogether I have been able to spend 5 days in Delhi. Jumping from old to new via tuk tuks, walking and their useful metro system. Obviously living in London beforehand meant that I HAD to try theirs and compare the differences. I went assuming that nothing could compare to the English underground system though I was actually wrong. There is plenty more space on the underground in India. Another great aspect of it is that they have 'women only' carriages which I think is fantastic. Especially Read more [...]


So my first cultural speaking attempt was obviously to be the word 'Namasté'. On my way up North with the guys, we stopped at a petrol station for water, crisps and a toilet trip. Upon entering the ladies toilet, I was greeted by a random female who I can only assume to have been the toilet attendant. She put her hands together and did the polite 'Namasté'. I of course copied these actions and then went into my cubicle. I then had to do the classy thing of both feet apart balancing over Read more [...]

Random Roadtrip up North with Robbie and Chris

You arrive at a hostel…Have a few drinks with other travellers and end up all jokingly agreeing to tagging along to a fellow 2 English lads and their trip up north for a night. Information passed on to us: Length of time to travel there (and then again back) via our hired Indian taxi driver – 4 hours each way Length of actual time to travel there (and then again back) – 8 hours each way Cost of visiting the Corbett National Tiger Reserve Park – R$ 1,000 Actual amount to visit Read more [...]

Hello India!

So I finally arrive safe and soundly in Delhi and 30 minutes after an awkward Hind-glish conversation my taxi man took me to my hostel. I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’d obviously heard stories and watched films regarding their 'interesting' driving but to see it in person was spectacular! A simple dual carriageway would mean that THREE/FOUR lanes were to be created by users rather than just their suggested two. Throughout the 40 minute journey there were ‘Don’t hoot’ signs. But with Read more [...]

Tuk Tuk

So I went on my first ever tuk tuk/rickshaw which was an amazing experience. To start with it needed to be physically pushed back and front by 3 others to get out of such a small space. Then theres the manic driving and squeezing into small gaps. With no seatbelts or doors you just have to hold on to each other, have a blast and hope for the best.

Airplane Food

I must admit I have a secret obsession with airplane food. I’m not entirely sure why. It could be because for the price of the ticket the food is the main thing you’re paying for! But without getting deep into a conversation about such a topic… I basically have previously gone MENTAL knowing that I have overslept on a plane and thus missed a meal! (Shock horror) You will be reassured to know that since this awful incident, I have never missed an airplane meal. (Phew!) Of course flying to Read more [...]

Stopover in Muscat, Oman.

After a very tiresome journey to Muscat, I was very excited about getting onto my next flight to Delhi after a tiny 90 minute wait. After waiting for 10 minutes for a bus to collect myself along with the other passengers, I realised that I was the ONLY female and the ONLY white traveller to board the plane. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed this fact if it wasn’t for all of the pointing, pictures and obvious glares!

Goodbye England!

Seeing as I only gave myself 4 weeks to plan this trip, it's quite fantastic that I was actually able to get a visa and everything sorted in time. For the 4 weeks prior to me getting on the plane I wasn't AT ALL nervous, which appeared to bother both my parents. I certainly felt some butterflies when I arrived at Heathrow Airport though!! But as soon as they take your bag and you cross 'to the other side', any worries simply disappear. It's at this point you realise an adventure is about to take Read more [...]