Thinking too much!!

So, after my most recent ‘blog’ (although really I see this as more of a Dear Diary type thing that really only I will be reading back on in the future) I have had a crazy moment of thinking. Pure thinking. The bad kind. The thing which I was meant to do less.

I had 2 hours or so where I started worrying about stupid things. Things which don’t yet matter and should not even be considered a topic for worrying about at this point in time. Things like ‘Where am I going next? How long will I be in India for? Will I be going elsewhere other than India? If so how long? And what months? What about monsoon season?’ And given the fact that the hostel which I am currently staying at have offered me potential work for after I have travelled sufficiently, I then began to question ‘Should I work in India? Should it be AFTER popping out to see another amazing country? What about my visa? Would I need to leave just to come back?’

It’s a good thing ┬áthat I eventually stopped to hear myself say ‘Luana, what on earth are you doing?’ I was worrying about things I KNEW I didn’t have to worry about. Why worry about the future. It’s hardly worth worrying about the┬ápresent let alone something that has yet to happen!

So here I am. Back again. And taking each day as it comes. And you know what? I think I might just go to Goa next. But hey, that’s not for a few days and all might just change. And I’m perfectly fine with that. And I’m perfectly happy with me right now. Life is what you make of it. And to me, life is beautiful!