Bus trip to Amber Palace – Jaipur

So today I decided that instead of haggling for a tuk tuk to take me around to each sight for around 300 Rupees, to get a bus instead. I had yet to get a bus in India and so was willing to take full advantage of being alone and having the world as my oyster.

The bus cost me 50 Rupees (which I thought was an absolute rip off) though buses aren’t something you can easily haggle with. In regards to tuk tuk journeys, a high price means that you are able to grunt and do the ‘Whaaaat?! How much?? No! I only paid half of that to get there yesterday!! (Which is normally a lie as it’s to a place I have yet to see) and then you go and find another tuk tuk driver and allow them to battle for the cheapest deal. But when it comes to buses… If the price is high…It’s still the only bus you will be able to get on for the next 30 minutes…Minimum!

So a tightly squished 11km, 35 minute journey later I have arrived at Amber Palace. This being my first excursion alone, I was quite interested to know how it would turn out. I was aware that if I were to get lost then I would only be able to blame myself rather than trying to pass it on to someone else! (Jokingly or not)

Going to this magnificent place alone meant that I was able to go around it in my own route…Through each nook and cranny. I went though the darkest of gaps, up the tallest of stairs and in the smallest of rooms. It’s strange to be able to go to a palace and get completely lost! I even found myself surrounded my bats at one point which was rather interesting.

I then made ‘friends’ with an Indian man when I got myself a ‘Café frappé’ (I know. I know. Not very Indian of me) It’s not as strange as it seems and obviously I considered whether it was the best idea but I allowed his driver to give me (and him of course) a lift to a fort which I intended on seeing anyway. Long story short… The journey became a bit strange and no matter how much I lied about my life claiming that I had a 6 year relationship with a handsome man who is travelling to meet me in 4 days… Who is also massively English and protective…And I am 100% loyal to him with the intention of marriage on our return to the UK….He still didn’t seem to get the hint that this ‘friendship’ could go no further.

So I made my excuses and jumped out the car so that I could get a bus back to my hostel. Of course it’s India and nothing is that simple. I indeed was lost and waited 40 minutes for the 9B bus which I got there. But turn up it did not! So I decided to just take a chance and jump on the next bus which got nods and smiles when I shouted ‘Katipura’ at them. 20 minutes later I recognized a random corner of a shop I was sure I had passed on my walk to the bus stop from the hostel. So jump, shout and hop of the bus I did.

Luckily I was correct and I was safe and sound 15 minutes later. I topped up the sun lotion and hit the roof. Not a single sound other than the beautiful sound of the passing bright green birds.

This life really is perfection!