What does one do on a train for two days?

Being stuck on a train for so long was bound to be a boring journey dragged out by every second. I assumed that having fun on a train would be impossible. To me it was inevitable that no matter how hard I tried to make it otherwise, this was going to be a horrible travelling experience. This is where I was wrong.
After feeling the need to feel more refreshed, I whacked on a white face mask and even got three others involved in the fresh fun. The best bit about it was that neither one of us cared that everyone was judging us as the crazy foreigners. These were just the kind of companions that I needed on the train.
The fun continued with reading, games, card games, Indian experiences story time, music and movies. We became a mixed family of around 30. There were Indians, South Africans, Kenyans and myself. All sharing food, drink, toilet paper, face masks, face wipes, films, music and banter.
I couldn’t have imagined a prolonged journey being so much fun. A part of me is sad to realise that in only hours (20 to be exact) this family will be parting ways.
And it’s this along with plain peer pressure that makes me consider accepting my invite and go slightly less North with them until I’m needed by Patna by the 30th.
But there’s no need for me to make rational decisions now. After all, I still have a long while left to go.