Ham dos hei

Okay, well that phonetic attempt to write the Hindi translation of ‘We are friends’.

The Indian’s I met are the nicest I have met so far. Constituting mainly of three guys and a stunning girl. They are all studying at university together and so maybe because of that and having female company themselves, they were able to respect me more compared to others. But we are all chatting and I have a great Hindi lesson. I’m now able to say that I need a bottle of water, ask for someone’s name, tell others my name, tell people I have to go and sleep and most importantly, be able to ask for chai. These were the most useful of the sentences I learnt to create. Others included ‘That’s too expensive. You are a thief’ and ‘I feel like a bird’.

Hindi is a rather difficult language to get your head around, so I was very impressed and grateful for their full attention and patience with me. I couldn’t have learnt these fun phrases from better teachers.

My big and beautiful black family have now parted ways with me and so I am now only left with my Indians. Once again I am the only foreigner on my carriage. Probably the only foreigner including the neighbouring carriages too.
But maybe I’ll hunt down my black beauties down in future.