Shower Power

After having had an interesting sleep, I woke up feeling great other than a bit sweaty and grimy. I had further made friends with all my neighbours from every direction. So much so that I actually (stupidly) left all my luggage including passport and what ever little change of money I have completely unattended on my berth, to walk 4 carriages away from it. Trust these guy and gals 100%? I’m not sure I would say I did. Maybe 98.6%. Though I believed in giving them all the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. And yes, if someone else was to do or suggest such an idea to me, I would think they were an absolute imbecile. That might make me a slight hypocrite but I feel I tend to make good judgement and my gut will always tell me if I’m crossing that line.

Though I simply had to at times due to my amazingly bright ideas to improve my hygiene. I re-filled my empty water bottle from the tap, reached into my bag for my shampoo and conditioner and grabbed my new beautiful and voluptuous South African friend. With her help I managed to shower publicly on the train. We stared by using the open train door when washing with shampoo and then moved to the toilet to complete the wash with conditioner.

We worked out the to do’s and the don’t’s.

To do:
Ensure there is plenty of space surrounding you for splash-back.
Make sure the train is moving and NOT about to stop soon. This may cause you to fall dramatically.
Try to find a quieter place to wash your hair, no one wants a creepy Indian taking pictures whilst being bent in awkward and highly unflattering positions.

To not do:
Hold your head out of the moving train. Not only is this generally dangerous and therefore not advised, but your shampoo bubbles and water will be forced back into the train by the outside wind.
Do not tilt your head back too far if using the Indian bathroom – No one wants their hair touching the toilet or floor.
Don’t wear a loose or white shirt. We all know what happens when they get damp and an Indian train is the last place you want that to happen.

Such beautifully clean shampoo-y pictures are available online for humour purposes.