Arrived in Jaipur

Another early morning train. Another long 5 hour journey. But finally I arrive in Jaipur for 10am.

I then get a taxi to my hostel to which I find that I am completely alone. There is no one else here apart from the Indian family who own it and their cleaners. It’s strange but I am actually quite grateful to be able to have my own space to be able to catch up on sleep, relax, read and do some writing.

When I was 17/18 and travelling Brazil alone, I did it because I WANTED to travel alone. In regards to India, I travelled alone because I simply didn’t have anyone else who shared the same interests to travel with. I wasn’t going to wait for this travel buddy to appear and so off I just went… Alone.

But just because I am alone, doesn’t mean that I am lonely. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I am fully aware that I have chosen the wrong time of year to travel such a country as it’s the hottest time of their year and fellow travellers will be far fewer the further south I travel.

I feel that this will give me a perfect opportunity to be able to get back in touch with myself. For I feel that I was a very independent female which then got herself into a relationship. Like everyone else does, you end up becoming dependent on the person who you are in a relationship with. It’s only natural. And maybe because it was my first ‘real’ relationship that I seemed to change as a person so much. I ended up becoming someone who I did not recognise OR like! And a wise man recently told me that if you want something you must be able to accept the opposite. (E.g. If you want to be rich, you must be happy to be poor to be able to appreciate what you have and for if you lose it all) And so if I am generally happy with other people (whether it be friends, relationships or just random others) I must first be happy with myself.

So here is where my journey in India REALLY starts. It is my aim and goal to be able to become me again. An improved version of the me I once was. Happy with every aspect of life, believing that it simply can’t get better. Appreciating everything I see, have and do.

And of course this links into my spiritual quest of being in India in the first place. To jump into¬†Buddhism. To understand the people. To be able to understand myself. It’s been 10 days since I have left England and already I feel such a difference. It’s amazing, but that’s what this beautiful country does to you.