Surprisingly I did manage to sleep quite a bit on the bus. The cute little cubbyhole wasn’t as uncomfortable as I had expected it to be. Though I was informed of some horror stories and didn’t help myself by YouTube-ing videos of other peoples ‘interesting’ experiences.
I even got the cheapest possible ticket so I must have just been lucky. Looks like that whole praying malarkey wasn’t such a bad idea after all, eh?
I’m now in a lovely little guest house. It’s not much to look at from the outside and I was determined my driver had taken me to the wrong place. You should have seen the glum ‘Ohh’ look on my face when he turned out to be right. But I was given free tea. Delicious tea. AND I have a double bed with an en suite. All… To… Myself. I’m not one to normally sleep like a starfish. I tend to do the classic ‘curled up tightly in a ball’ position. But I simply can’t let this opportunity go to waste tonight!!