Shocked from what we saw and needing time to just take it all in, my father and I decide to just continue sitting on our chosen steps. Looking directly in front of us, there wasn’t anything which could have diverted our attention more than this.

There was a man dressed in an orange cloth to which we could only assume he was a monk, until he appeared to do some rather un-monk-like things. First of all he got a metal pole and placed it between his legs. He would then pull it up as much as possible with the back going up his crack and the front doing only-God-knows-what kind of damage to his manhood. He then hopped one leg backwards as the pole came forward allowing his fruit ‘n’ veg to be gently caressed by his slow up and down diagonal movements. We were completely shocked to what was happening straight in front of us. It was weird and twisted, but somehow captivating. We just needed to know what exactly was he trying to prove in front of all these grieving people and what he was to do next?! We were only grateful when he then put his pole down and walked away as we discussed whether what we just saw, was ACTUALLY what we just saw. Unfortunately for us, he had yet to finish his show. He picks up a heavy potato sack-like bag with difficulty and places it in the middle of the walkway. He then squats above it and throws his orange covering away revealing a not-so-lovely Indian bottom. With his head down and his crouched body bouncing up and down I had no idea what this man was attempting to do. My father, on the other hand, managed to figure out what this nutter had planned next. He informed me but I was adamant that he was incorrect. So a bet was placed with a 10 second rule and a 100 Rupee prize that the man was to tie the back onto his penis and lift the bag. I couldn’t wait to win this bet and considered whether I should get a fruit juice, a cold coffee or a pancake with my winnings. And I did win…But only JUST! The man got up from his curled up position with a bag dangled between his legs as he just about managed to walk forward a few steps before his body fell to the ground a good 5 or so seconds later. Hands down this is the most unusual thing I have had to witness so far.