Day 11

So it’s the day that I leave the centre. I foresaw an ultimate lie in followed by breakfast, a chit chat and then a trip to Gaya train station to get to my next destination, Varanasi. This wasn’t quite the case; the bell rang at 4am and meditation started again for the final time. Even though I knew that it would be the very last time during the period of this course, it still felt like pure torture when I was thinking about it whilst walking to the mediation hall. My mind and body had endured so much these past few days, more than ever before and so it was only natural that I felt exhausted. I had signed myself up for 10 days. Days 1 to 10. That was the agreement. So how come I start the silence and meditation on Day 0 and continue it all the way to Day 11? This was not part of the deal. But sure enough time passed by quietly and quickly and pure relief and relaxation spilled out from everyone in the room.

We did it. We were free. We were chatty. We were hungry. Our voices filled the air along with pure happiness, love, compassion and harmony. It was beautiful. It felt like we had reached heaven.

It was fascinating how much we had all bonded with each other without having had ANY communication with each other previously. There was a huge connection between us. We had all been through so much together. We were family and I will have love for each individual forever.