Stepping off my train

So I finally get to Patna and my feet are able to walk upon a steady ground again. I’m hot but happy and on the move yet again.

It’s just come to my attention the hours which have been spent/dedicated in order for me to get to my final destination of Bodgaya.

Start in Puducherry.
Spend 5 hours on a train to Chennai
Twiddle thumbs for 30 hours at Chennai train station
Spend 45 hours on a train to Patna
Waste another 3 hours walking around in the dripping hot sun to realise that apparently EVERY hotel is fully booked.
Spend another hour getting to a bus station.
To then spend a following 5 hours getting to Bodgaya.

I’m not a mathematician but I believe that adds up to 88 hours which it has taken me to slowly travel 3,000km from the South to the North.

Other than the fact that a flight would have been easier and would have taken no more than 4 hours, I’m pretty darn impressed with myself for not only getting to my required destination, but to also have gotten there alone without having an actual logical plan.
There was a huge chance that India was going to catch my bluff and realise that I don’t actually have the foggiest of what I’m doing or even know whether my silly mental ideas were even at all possible.

But then again, I am a Smith, so it was all bound to work out in the end anyway. (If you could see my face now, it’s a pretty annoying smug look. Though it might be hard to identify as such given the 88 hours of grime which I have had pasted all over my once Englishly white body.)