No bed sheets = Bed bugs

When you are paying for a bed….who doesn’t give sheets? It’s illogical and highly unhygienic. Add that to the breakfast we all received which was 3 bits of bread (not toast), a small ration of butter and florescent jam and a boiled egg (if you were lucky!) Then there was the issue of bugs and cockroaches. This to me is not normally an issue. Some places you go, bugs are inevitable and that’s fine. But the reason that this place was packed full of them was because no one cleaned any of the rooms…EVER! And so that along with all the other beautiful aspects of this guest house definitely gave other English people and I a lot to moan about. (I’ve realised that you do tend to become a more dramatic version of you when surrounded by people from your own country. It’s as if being deprived from true English banter makes you feel the need to get as much out of this English interaction as possible before you part ways.)