Bollywood Cinema

Today I decided to go to the local cinema in Jodhpur to watch a classic Bollywood film. I had been told by many that ‘House Full 2’ was the film to see as it was absolutely hilarious! I felt I needed to go and be able to share my own opinion.

I went alone and so of course, was the only white person sat in the audience. This caused the usual pointing, which by now I was used to and generally oblivious to (other than the fact that the person directly in front of me stood up, turned around and took my picture there and then).

It turns out that their ‘acting’ is so dramatic that I did actually burst into laughter on several occasions. The whole film was in Hindi with the odd moments where English was added randomly into sentences. For example it would be *Hindi* *Hindi* *Hindi* Lovely Jubbley *Hindi* *Hindi**Hindi* Cup of tea *Hindi**Hindi*.

It’s as if they see these English lines as ‘classic lines’ which all English speaking people always say. It would always end with the local Indians crying with laughter and I think that’s what I found more fascinating to watch than the actual film itself. They gave the film so much more character and interaction and I genuinely believe that the cinema experience wouldn’t have been as great without it.

I’m also thankful that the acting was dramatic enough for me to be able to follow the storyline, else it would have felt like an extra long three hours which I spent watching it.